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Project Powder

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doqunbop said...
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This game is still in Closed Beta Testing (CBT), which ends in a few days. The open time for this game is from 10AM to 7PM PST, which means, it's 7PM to 4AM for me (GMT+1 with summer daylight savings time).

The game - it's snowboarding online game. Maybe it's nothing serious, but it's pretty much fun :)
All those who get lvl 5 at least - during CBT - will get a CBT hoodie after the Open Beta Testing (OBT) starts. And I'm lvl 8 as I write this message :)

Dunno what to write more :D Just try it ^^
Project Powder

Project Powder (PC)

Genre/Style: Sports/Snowboarding
Release Date: 11/MAY/09
Emblem for Malanorei

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